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High Torque Cordless Wrenches from Milwaukee

Milwaukee announced their introduction of high-torque cordless impact wrenches based on their M18 platform. While all feature impressive stats, they claim the biggest will reach 750 ft-lbs of fastening torque. For a cordless tool. Wow.
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DeWALT’s New 2-in-1 Radio/Charger

DeWALT Radio DCR015Not far behind Bosch's jobsite radio is DeWALT with it's own offering for 2013. But DeWALT's doubles as a 12v/20v MAX battery charger, too.
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Bosch’s New Jobsite Radio

Bosch has announced their new job-site radio, the PB120, in a lightweight but rugged looking form factor, high performance 5-Watt neodymium speakers, and powered by a 12v battery.
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Recall on Ryobi 4.0 A-h Batteries

Ryobi Recalled BatteryBased on reports of overheating enough to burst cause damage, some of Ryobi's 18v lithium-ion 4.0 Ah battery packs (model number P108, part number 130429028) have been recalled.
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New Brushless Impact Wrenches from Milwaukee

Milwaukee M18 Brushless Impact Wrench 2654-22Milwaukee announced the imminent release of their new compact cordless impact wrenches, coming in March 2013. The 18v wrench will offer 200 ft-lbs of torque (that's 2400 in-lbs to us impact driver guys). As part of the M18 FUEL line, they have brushless motors which offer less internal friction, allowing for longer tool life and increased power.
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Hitachi Releases Rare-Earth Magnetic Driver Bits

Hitachi Magnetic Bit Holder - SquareToday Hitachi announced the release of a new line of magnetic driver-bit, each with a rare-earth magnet in an aluminum collar attached to the end of the bit. Made from S2 steel with a black oxide finish, the design allows…
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Review: Milwaukee 2653 M18 Brushless

Milwaukee 2653 Impact DriverMilwaukee's first brushless impact driver is a solid addition to their M18 FUEL line. Like their other tools in the line, the goal is on durability and power - and like the other tools, they achieve this pretty darn well. The cordless impact driver joins the few others available that offer 3 modes for controlling maximum speed and torque.
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Multi-Material Drill Bits from Irwin

Irwin Multi- Material BitNew introduced by Irwin can drill through almost anything you can think of, including brick, block, tile, metal, wood, laminate, plastic, and marble. Jon Schlosser, Director of Marketing for IRWIN Tools, said: “We literally talk to hundreds of professional tradesmen…
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Camouflage Impact Wrenches from Snap-on

Snap-on Impact Wrenches - CT4410ACAMO / MG325CAMO / MG725CAMOSnap-on has announced that it is teaming up with Realtree to create an all new design for its cordless CT4410A (3/8″, 14.4v), MG325 (3/8″, air) and MG725 (1/2″, air) impact wrenches. Although the press release calls them all ‘cordless’, only…
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Panasonic Shows Off Dual Voltage Tools

Panasonic EY75A1LS2G w/ Dual VoltageAt the 2013 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Panasonic had their new line of Tough IP(TM) power tools on display. Some tools in the line will feature dual voltage technology, whereby you can swap out the 14.4 volt battery…
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Milwaukee Cordless Ratchet – M12 2456-20

Milwaukee 2456-20 RatchetThis handy cordless ratchet could be thought of as the baby brother of Milwaukee’s 2450 M12 impact driver. With a forward/reverse switch and a super low profile, it appears like a good tool for many car-related or other activities that…
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DeWALT DCK280C2 – 2 Tool Combo Kit (Drill/Impact)

This is a great little kit that regularly drops to nearly $200 – that’s roughly the price of the same kit, but without the drill. The DCF885 Impact driver is the 2nd most powerful in the DeWALT line-up, being beat…
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New Self-Leveling 3-Beam Laser Pointer

DeWALKT DW083K - Laser PointerDeWALT recently announced a new laser pointer targeted to commercial applications, the DW08K3. Improvements over their previous model include faster setting time (~2 seconds to find plumb) and a new pendulum locking mechanism. This locks down the laser pendulum when…
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New feature on upcoming Makita LXDT06

The new LXDT06 impact driver in the works from Makita, replacing their LXDT01, this is a 3-speed driver with a “Quick-Shift” mode. When this mode is on, the tech should allow the speed and torque to be automatically stepped back…
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Milwaukee… Jackets? Why not?

If you weren’t aware, Milwuakee has a line of heated jackets, powered by their M12 Red Lithium 12v battery. In addition to 3 heat settings to power heating elements on the chest, back, and in your pockets, it also contains…
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PCC640 Preview

We have the stats on the new Porter-Cable 20v Max impact driver. It looks to be a solid middle-cost driver with a good amount of power, but without a lot of extras. Check out the full Toolguyd preview.…
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Power Corkscrew?

Skil has outdone themselves this time! How many times have you been opening a wine bottle and thought, “If only there was a way to !?” Now you can! Check out coptool’s take on this interesting new attachment.…
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20v Max Driver Coming from Porter-Cable

Joining other manufacturers in the mainly marketing move of renaming 18v tools as 20v tools, Porter-Cable has announced 2 new products on it’s new line. See for the full scoop.…
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Review: DeWALT DCF885 20V MAX*

The next generation of DeWALT impact drivers comes with increases in power and battery life. The previous model, the DC825, is a great driver and was – is – very popular among professionals and homeowners alike. Following in it’s footsteps,…
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Impact Drivers with Brushless Motors

"Brushless motor" seems to be the newest power-tool buzzword these days. It may seem like nothing more than some marketing, but unlike the 18v/20v marketing gimmick there are some real benefits with these new motors, including more power and less wear on the motor.
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Father’s Day from Cordless Impact Driver HQ

With Father’s Day around the corner (Sunday, June 17th in case you were wondering…), sons and daughters around the country are looking for the perfect thing to show dad how much they appreciate what he’s done over the years. With…
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Why You Need Impact Driver Bits

If you are one of the many people who are just discovering impact drivers, or if you’ve been using them for some time but seem to be breaking driver bits like they are made of glass, you might not be…
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Impact Wrench vs. Impact Driver

What is the difference between an impact wrench and an impact driver? This is a question that comes up often, especially as cordless impact drivers become more well known and popular. Here’s the wise-guy answer: nothing. Here’s a slightly longer,…
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Makita LCT200W: 2 Tool Combo Kit – 18v

Makita LCT200WThis is one of the most popular combo kits on Amazon, and for good reason! Includes: Makita LXFD01CW Compact Lithium-Ion 1/2" Driver-Drill, Makita BTD142HW Compact Impact Driver, (2) 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Battery Packs (1.5 Ah), 15-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger, and Contractor Bag
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Milwaukee 2691-22: 2 Tool Combo Kit – 18v

Milwaukee 2691-22 Drill / Impact Driver comboThis combo kit is quite popular - catch a good sale and it's almost like getting 2 tools for the price of one! Includes the 2650-20 Impact Driver, 2601-20 Drill Driver, (2) M18™ RED LITHIUM™ Compact Battery Packs (1.5 Ah), M18™ Charger, and carrying case.
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Review: DeWALT DCF895 20V MAX* Brushless

DeWALT DCF895L2 20v Max* Cordless Impact DriverThe DCF895's brushless motor offers improved power and longer battery life, while theoretically increasing tool life. DeWALT has done a good job listening to consumer demands as well, offering more standard features than it's previous offerings.
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Review: Rockwell RK2515K2 “3RILL” – 12v kit

Rockwell RK2515K2 3RILLis an impressive combination power tool that tackles 3 drill/driver types: impact driver, VSR drill, and power screwdriver. Although it’s 800 in-lbs of torque is low compared to other cordless impact drivers in the 12 volt class, the ability to…
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Review: Hitachi WH10DL 10.8 (12v peak)

Hitachi WH10DL 12v Cordless Impact DriverHitachi’s micro is one of the most powerful in its class. At 930 in-lbs of torque it out performs Milwaukee’s M12 driver, while its compact size puts it ahead of nearly everyone else. If you need a light to medium…
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What is a Hand Impact Driver?

This is a common question, especially for people who don’t use tools every day. Like most of us. Hand impact drivers are the precursor to powered impact drivers. (In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that when talking about an…
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Review: Bosch 26618-01 18V

Like it’s brother the 25618-01, this Bosch driver has top-of-the-pack torque at 1500 ft-lbs. What differentiates this is its 3-mode operation, allowing you to switch between 2 drill modes and impact mode. Add some minor improvements, and you get an…
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10 Ways to Use Your Impact Driver

Not sure if you’ll really use a cordless impact driver too much if you get one? Or maybe you have one already but aren’t doing to much with it. Check out these 10 ways to use that compact pack of…
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Review: Dewalt DC825B 18v

Dewalt - DC825B cordless impact driverIt’s no wonder this is the best selling cordless impact driver on Amazon! While compact and light weight, the DeWALT DC825B has no shortage of power. If you need to drive a large number of screws, lags, or bolts, or…
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Review: Hitachi WH18DL 18v

Lots of power, rugged construction, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. All reasons why Hitachi’s 18v impact driver is a top pick among professionals and hobbyists alike. Along with great performance and a handful of extras, a 2-speed switch sets…
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Review: Makita BTL061Z Angle Impact Driver 18v

Makita BTL061Z 18v Cordless Angle Impact DriverIf you are working in super-tight locations, need that extra reach to get to the back of a cabinet, or both, then the Makita BTL061Z might be just the thing you need. With far more speed and power than a…
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Review: Makita BTD142HW 18v Kit

Makita BTD142HW 18v cordless impact driverSimilar in many ways to Makita’s 18v BTD141, this impact driver’s claim to fame is it’s incredibly compact size and low weight. With good power and list of extra features, it would make anyone a happy owner. Oh, did we…
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Review: DeWALT DCF815S2 12v Kit

DeWALT DCF815S2 12v Cordless Impact DriverWhile only 12v, this small impact driver has more power than it’s competitors. Lightweight and well balanced, DeWALT’s DCF815S2 offers a number of extra features. If you want power in a small package, this is the way to go. At
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Review: Porter-Cable PC18ID 18v

Porter-Cable-PC18ID cordless impact driverA well known brand at a rock-bottom price, Porter-Cable’s 18v cordless impact driver is one of the most powerful, with a max torque of 1600 in-lbs. Combining low weight, a comfortable grip, and a 3 year warranty, this should be…
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Review: Bosch PS41-2A 12v Kit

Bosch PS41-2A 12v cordless impact driverThe 12 volt entry into the Bosch impact driver line has more power than it’s competitors as well as a shorter length, making it one of the best in it’s class. A good hand-feel and extras like LED headlights and…
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Review: Milwaukee 2450-20 12v

Milwaukee 2450-20 12v cordless impact driverPowerful yet compact, this Milwaukee is a well-balanced impact driver. It is very light-weight, yet feels solid while in hand. Although it doesn’t have the highest torque in its class, thanks to the battery life and overall performance you won’t…
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Review: Ryobi P230 18v

The Ryobi is a heavy impact driver, even when using the lithium ion One+ batteries. Unfortunately, the weight doesn’t come with more performance, and the top torque of the P230 falls short of its higher priced competitors. That being said,…
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