Right-Angle Impact Drivers

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Makita BTL061Z 18v Cordless Angle Impact Driver

Makita BTL061Z

Whether you are a professional contractor or a homeowner, you need the right tool for each job. Cordless impact drivers are useful for all of the common screw driving tasks.

An impact driver is similar to a power drill, but works in situations where a drill doesn`t fit. The construction offers increased torque, which in turns makes the right-angle impact driver stronger than a normal cordless screwdriver.

The hard outer plastic shell also makes it durable and light weight. The compact design of the right-angle driver allows it to be stored almost anywhere.

The cordless impact driver offers many benefits, making it a worthwhile addition to any tool box.

Small Spaces and Tight Fits

Hitachi WH10DCL Right Angle Impact Driver

Hitachi WH10DCL

Every contractor or homeowner will encounter hard to reach places that even the smallest power drill or screwdriver cannot fit. In these cases, it is smarter to use a right-angle impact driver.

A right-angle driver differs from a normal drill or larger impact driver because the chuck is located much closer to the body. This allows you to get closer to a screw head.

The right-angle head reduces arm fatigue as well. You can work for longer periods without straining your shoulders or wrists.

More Power Where You Need It

A right-angle impact driver allows you to put more direct pressure on the fastener that you are installing.

Craftsman Nextec 9-17562 Right Angle Impact Driver

Craftsman Nextec 9-17562

Often people use a very long extension to reach a screw head. This can cause a variety of problems. Not only are you losing pressure on the screw, but you are increasing risk of harm to yourself or the item you are trying to repair.

Keeping constant pressure ensures that the screw enters the material and pulls it together properly. When you “cam out,” the driver bit slips out of the screw slot. This can injure you or leave a long gouge on the surface of the material.

Go Cordless for More Options

Cordless tools won`t limit your freedom while you are working on a big project. You can move from one job to another without having to run a long and cumbersome power cord to your next task.

It also saves time with cleaning up at the end of a project because you won`t have all those power cords to roll up. One of the most important benefits is the reduction in electrical hazards. The protective covering of a power cord can become compromised, leading to a bare spot of wire that shocks you.

The Best Uses for a Cordless Impact Driver

The right angle impact driver belongs in the tool box of every professional and homeowner. There are many time when a professional needs a specialty tool during remodeling or fabricating jobs. Hard to reach spots can be found all over an older home.

Impact drivers are also helpful for installing cabinetry. Homeowners can use this tool for assembling furniture and making home repairs.

Imagine hanging dozens of wall shelves in just a few hours. This tool is also helpful when installing door catches and other types of mounted hardware.

With more torque and a closer chuck, every fastening task is made easier.

What Drivers Are Available

Makita, Hitachi, and others all offer various styles of right-angle drivers.

Compare Right-angle drivers side-by-side

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