Review: DeWALT DCF815S2 12v Kit


While only 12v, this small impact driver has more power than it’s competitors. Lightweight and well balanced, DeWALT’s DCF815S2 offers a number of extra features. If you want power in a small package, this is the way to go.

At a Glance
List price $300
Sale price HelkatAzon Error: Missing ASIN
Voltage 12v
Torque 950 in-lbs
Drive size 1/4″ hex
Weight (w/o battery) 2.3 lbs
Length 6.25″
Battery Li-ion
Impacts/Min 0-3400 ipm
Speed (no load) 0-2450 rpm
Resources Manual
Mfr Data Sheet
Warranty 3 year limited

DeWALT raises the bar with their latest 12 volt impact driver. With 950 in-lbs of torque, it out-powers both the Bosch PS41-2A and Milwaukee 2450-20. On long screws it performs great – super fast, super strong, and no screw-head stripping. Even when driving into super hard woods, the impact mechanism keeps the screw turning and doesn’t get bogged down.

Even when driving lags or loosening nuts, this 12v performs as good as some of the top 18v models from a few years ago. It’s not strong enough for working on your car wheels in most cases, but give it a try on smaller nuts or on your lawnmower, and you will be pleased at the results.

Drilling is fairly smooth and more precise than with other impact drivers. You will need hex-shaft bits to drill, but if you already own some you might notice your cordless drill start to collect dust. With the one hand loading of the chuck, it’s almost easier to switch bits than switch tools.

Construction-wise, the DCF815S2 is great – good, solid materials. Comfortable, contoured handle. Well-balanced in the hand. It comes together to make a nice, rugged feeling tool that is easy to use. At a small 6.25″ long, it falls between the larger Milwaukee and miniscule Bosch. It’s a good size that allows you to get into tight spots and contact the fastener straight-on – no accidental stripping a screw because you have to try it at an awkward angle.

The small size and low weight of this impact driver means it’s maneuverable and non fatiguing. Working overhead or for extended periods of time won’t wear out your arms or, thanks to the impact action, wear out your wrists.


The battery packs for the DeWALT are 12v MAX* lithium ion. The * is part of the name, and confusing as it’s not explained in most places. It stands for “The maximum initial voltage (measured without a workload) is 12-volts. Measured under a workload, nominal voltage is 10.8.” Exciting!

The best part about the batteries is the low-weight – only 8 ounces (that’s half a pound for those of you weak with conversions). They charge in 40 min from full drain, and have a very long shelf-life – much better than a NiCad as you might expect.

The only drawback is that they are rated for 1.3 Ah, which is a bit less than others – but you still can get 60-80 long deck screws driven in one charge, which is darn good.

Additional Features

DeWALT DCF815S2 12v Cordless impact driver

  • No-shadow 3-LED light turns on when you pull the trigger. LEDs are spaced in a ring around the drive bit, so shadow is minimized and you get good illumination at all angles.
  • Belt hook – we can’t stress how useful this simple feature is. All impact drivers should have one. This driver has one. Good!
  • One-handed quick-change chuck allows for easy bit swapping.
  • Variable speed trigger for precise control.
  • Contractor bag to carry the batteries and charger while the impact driver is swinging from your belt.
  • No bit holder on the tool.
  • Battery life is shorter, and charge time is a little longer, than other lithium ion based tool lines from some competitors.
Bottom Line

This is a great little impact driver. General handymen and amateur DIYers will be able to tackle most tasks with this driver and have little complaints. Unless you need to regularly drive into concrete or perform other heavier-duty tasks, this will perform for a long time for you.

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