DeWALT’s New 2-in-1 Radio/Charger

DeWALT Radio DCR015

Not far behind Bosch’s jobsite radio is DeWALT with it’s own offering for 2013. But DeWALT’s doubles as a 12v/20v MAX battery charger, too.

The DCR015 Radio is surrounded by a 360 degree roll cage and includes a storage box for extra devices with AUX and USB ports, 2 AC power outlets, and the aforementioned 12v/20v MAX* charger. The USB port is fully powered when the radio plugged into an AC outlet, allowing you to charge USB devices as well.

The radio can also run off of a 12v or 20v battery when not plugged in. Although only a radio receiver by itself, the AUX and USB ports allow you to connect CD players, MP3 players, and other digital devices, allowing you to bring your music library with you.

Product manager Todd Plajzer said, “Following the launch of our drills, impacts and saws, the Charger / Radio was the next critical product to give our users the DEWALT experience as we continue to expand our 12V MAX* and 20V MAX** Platforms”

The DCR015 has a 3-Year Limited Warranty and will be available starting April 1, 2013. Expected retail price is $179.00

For current pricing or to buy, click here.

See press release

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