Review: Makita BTL061Z Angle Impact Driver 18v


If you are working in super-tight locations, need that extra reach to get to the back of a cabinet, or both, then the Makita BTL061Z might be just the thing you need. With far more speed and power than a right-angle drill, this cordless impact driver has a small head and long body to let you work in tough to access spaces.

At a Glance
List price $324
Sale price HelkatAzon Error: Missing ASIN
Voltage 18v
Torque 530 in-lbs
Drive size 1/4″ hex
Weight (w/o battery) 3.2 lbs
Length 2.125″
Battery LXT Li-ion
Impacts/Min 0-3000 ipm
Speed (no load) 0-2000 rpm
Resources Manual
Mfr Data Sheet
Warranty 3 year

When you need to drive screws but have little clearance, there are a few options available. A right angle drill; an angled chuck attachment for a regular drill; or the Makita angle impact driver.

The Makita wins hands down.

A lightweight tool (only 3.7 lbs with the battery), it is very easy to maneuver the driver bit into place. The all-metal head is only 2 1/8th inches long, letting you into far smaller places than a regular drill or impact driver.

At 530 in-lbs of torque, the BTL061Z has plenty of power to handle most of your hard to reach fasteners. While it’s less than half the power of a typical 18v impact driver, it is between 3-5 times MORE torque than a typical 18v right angle drill. Additionally, the pressure required to keep the impact driver bit seated in the screw is far less than needed on a drill. The combination makes this incredibly effective in tough to reach or tight areas that you can only reach one handed.

Makita BTL061Z Angle Impact Driver 18v

Although typically an impact driver isn’t as precise as a dedicated drill when it comes to drilling holes, the difference is usually negligible in practice. We found that to be the case here – in drilling tasks, starting slowly with the variable speed trigger is the key. Once you get going, pull down hard and this driver works as good as a drill. This is an important consideration, because many people won’t want to spring for 2 specialized tools.

Construction is very solid, as one would expect from Makita. The head is all metal, and the handle has a soft grip with a large paddle switch trigger for turning the tool on. Balance is great, and thanks to the low weight you can work overhead or with outstretched arms with control and not fatigue as quickly as with a heavier drill.

By loosening a hex bolt, the head can rotate 360 degrees if you find that you need it pointing in a different direction. Note that the headlight then will not be shining on your work, but for some it may come in handy. The head has a 1/4″ hex chuck with a quick change collar which securely holds driver bits or hex shaft drill bits.


The BTL061Z is part of the LXT Lithium Ion line of cordless tools. The 18v batteries last longer – and have much longer shelf life – than the soon-to-be-obsolete NiCad batteries, and can fully recharge in 30 minutes.

Battery life is excellent with this driver. If you are only using this for the hard-to-reach places, one charge should last you all day and more.

Additional Features
  • “Afterglow” LED turns on when you squeeze the switch and conveniently stays on for roughly 10 seconds after you let go, allowing you to inspect your work or find the next screw to put in place.
  • Also includes a useful belt clip, letting you safely climb a ladder or carry other tools and materials.
  • The power is lower than other 18v impact drivers, so you are trading torque for access if you go with this model.
  • The full kit (Makita BTL061) only comes with a soft bag instead of the more durable hard-plastic case that other Makita kits come with.
Bottom Line

If you have a need for a right-angle driver or drill, this is the one to get. With way more power than a typical drill, and as one of the only impact drivers available, Makita has a formidable presence in the right-angle tool space. Although you can find cheaper right angle tools, if you need one with strength and backed by the Makita name (and warranty), the BTL061Z is an excellent choice.

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Makita BTL061Z info and prices at Amazon
Makita B-14015 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver (Tool Only, No Battery) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Makita B-14015 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver (Tool Only, No Battery) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
18v angle impact driver, bare tool (no battery)
Makita BTL061 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver Kit (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Makita BTL061 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver Kit (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
18v angle impact driver, two 18v LXT lithium-ion batteries, 18v charger, tool bag

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